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Meet the Baker

Home of the Challamin Bun ®

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Hi y’all!     I’m Lisa!

The Baker at Cohen Acres! I wanted to do a post where I introduced myself to you all-even though many of you I’ve met. You all are the reason I’ve been successful thus far and figured I’d let you in on who I am.  My biggest accomplishments in this life are my 3 kids, Yasmine, Andrew & Preston. I am married to the greatest most patient man who doesn’t mind doing deliveries after working 14 hours. I am a retired police officer and veteran (achievements I am incredibly proud of). I am an educator (also makes me proud). Just a year ago, with the encouragement of many, I decided to bake. From this, a little dream was born, which turned into a goal, and then a plan to reach the goal. It’s been by the grace of God & support of my customers that I am able to grow as a business, and really as a person. I can’t thank y’all enough!!!! Now, go get yourself some buns! I got dreams to catch!!!

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